How to add a seriesEdit

  1. If the serie is not in the list in the main page, edit the page and add the serie at the right place.
  2. Click on the red link to create a new page.
  3. Copy the content of Series layout, and paste in the new page.
  4. Add cards.
    1. Put the name of every cards in heading 3 style.
    2. Add the Card template bellow the name of the card, and fill the required information.
    3. Upload missing pictures, using original in-game ficture name (number).
  5. Add fusion list.
    1. Add as many new row as needed.
    2. Add fusions using the series template (create it if needed).
  6. Add tradable/fusion cards list, using the series template.
    1. There is a 1 row 5 collumn table in the layout, add more row if needed.
    2. Add (Humanoid Affinity) or (Mecha Affinity) or (Monster Affinity) bellow the affinity specific cards.
  7. Add Other cards using the series template.

Create series templateEdit

  1. Create the template using the series name (drop "series" from the name). Ex. for Mining Tunnel Series, the template page is Template:Mining Tunnel.
  2. Copy the series template layout code, and paste in the new page.
  3. Add all card names and image number, don't forget the boss and completion card.

To do listEdit

Series to completeEdit

Name Cards Series template Fusion list Map
Seaside Cave Series
Lighthouse Series
Labyrinth 1 Series
Labyrinth 2 Series
Dark Forest

Mechanical Castle Series

Deep Valley Cave Series
Deep Valley Lab Series
Alchemists Tunnels Series
The Howling Swamp Series
Boss Series
Arena Series
Cursed Castle Series
Dark Royal Series
Cosmic Mascot Series
Dark Royal Series
Mystical Island - -
Babysitter Series -
Anscients Series -
Elemental Series -
TechPol Series -
MariCom Series -
Javelaunch Series -
Gatez of Time - -
The Krestria Series -
Gatez of Time Rewards Series -
Angelic Series
Demon Series
Animal Girls Series
Draw Series 4 (The Lost Empire)
Drawcard Series 7 (Mecha Salvation)
The Ravaged Lands Series
Children of Poseidon Series
Pirates in Abatarraz Series
Mana's birthday Series
Material Series
Monster hunting - Must add reward cards -
  • map 33%
  • creeps 100%
  • hunting 66%
  • reward 0%
Hyenna Series
K-Luna Series
Hunter Girls Series
Battle of aphrodite - - -
mermaid series -
aphrodite and followers series - -

Other workEdit

  • Update Series list
  • Add legendary and legendary follower in Template:Card