• Players must be at least level 5 or more to join this event.
  • Players can only use their leader card and 4 more cards for their offense and defense.
  • Your leader card's skill will be activated with a 100% chance only when you have enough Attack Points.
  • Players will gain Battle Points either by winning against other players or successfully defending attacks from others.
  • Players can enhance defense power by using a "Shield" in a battle.
  • A "Shield" will reduce damages from other players based on its special attribute.
  • Players will have a chance to get a special card, Gils or a special "Shield" after each victory.
  • Battle Points are only used in The battle of Aphrodite to create special rankings for the event.
  • Fever hours will be sent to online players randomly.
  • There is a break time period after each round, so you can take time to prepare for the next round.
  • When your Autorecover or Premium Autorecover is active (in use), it will be automatically consumed when your Attack Points are lower than your leader card's cost. In addition, you can recover your Attack Points anytime you want by pressing "Recover Now" in a battle popup window.


2012 Aug: Hunter Girls Series